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  1. Squats are great for lower body stability

    It's a great lower body exercise that builds strength and helps improve body balance by using the back muscles.

    As you can see, the squat is a great exercise for the lower body because it is a lower body workout. It is also a great exercise for the back muscles by activating the abdominal muscles and strengthening the lower …

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  2. How to schedule your training and workouts

    The problem of determining the optimal time for a workout is called scheduling.

    Several approaches are possible. The process could be scheduled by using a computer. In such cases, you can use a computer program to find a feasible solution that will guarantee a result on time. When we wish to arrange for a certain workout, we can use …

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  3. You have the power to set your life in motion

    You set the direction, you set the path, you set the pace.

    Make your life the best it can be the way it is on this day. You already have everything you need. The future belongs to you, in your life, and now. The first step is to know you are already an incredible person. You already have everything …

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  4. What keeps us coming back to the gym

    Because you feel so much better after a hard workout

    We want you to know that we do our best every single day to give you the best experience possible. Trainers stay at the gym for 8-12 hours to train with you. That's right: The trainers have been in the industry for over 35 years serving thousands of clients …

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  5. If you have not found the right jump rope equipment

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  6. Learn how to tone your lower abdominal muscles by doing core exercises

    A core, also known as the abdominal core, is an important part of your body.

    It lies underneath everything you're doing. But it's also the backbone of your entire body, supporting every muscle in your body. As your body moves, your core helps you keep your balance and prevent injury from occurring. Core exercises help you build and tone …

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  7. Make sure it is not you training against yourself

    “You will need to practice,” I responded. “I will be needing to practice because I can’t afford to fail.”

    A light, almost flitting breeze fluttered through the trees and the flowers. But no wind stirred the branches as we spoke. Perhaps it was only our conversation and the sounds of our footsteps. Perhaps something else was on its …

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  8. Failure is another train to greatness

    You must face adversity to overcome it. One of the best things about growing up in the fitness industry is when you come into contact with someone who does not care about you.

    They will not support you no matter what. They will cut you off, abandon you, and you will fall under their shadow. They will never do …

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