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  1. If you have not found the right jump rope equipment

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  2. Learn how to tone your lower abdominal muscles by doing core exercises

    A core, also known as the abdominal core, is an important part of your body.

    It lies underneath everything you're doing. But it's also the backbone of your entire body, supporting every muscle in your body. As your body moves, your core helps you keep your balance and prevent injury from occurring. Core exercises help you build and tone …

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  3. Make sure it is not you training against yourself

    “You will need to practice,” I responded. “I will be needing to practice because I can’t afford to fail.”

    A light, almost flitting breeze fluttered through the trees and the flowers. But no wind stirred the branches as we spoke. Perhaps it was only our conversation and the sounds of our footsteps. Perhaps something else was on its …

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  4. Failure is another train to greatness

    You must face adversity to overcome it. One of the best things about growing up in the fitness industry is when you come into contact with someone who does not care about you.

    They will not support you no matter what. They will cut you off, abandon you, and you will fall under their shadow. They will never do …

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