Learn how to tone your lower abdominal muscles by doing core exercises

A core, also known as the abdominal core, is an important part of your body.

It lies underneath everything you're doing. But it's also the backbone of your entire body, supporting every muscle in your body. As your body moves, your core helps you keep your balance and prevent injury from occurring. Core exercises help you build and tone your core muscles and help you lose weight. These exercises also give you a greater understanding of how your body works.

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This knowledge is great for not just fitness, but for healthy movement in general. To start, here are the core exercises you need to do daily to build and maintain core muscle strength with each step. Don't skip any of these exercises. Stability Ball Squats Start with a stability ball to exercise your quads. Start with a stability ball to exercise your quads. Begin by sitting on the ball, knees bent 90 degrees. Keeping your back straight, bend your arms out to left or right, palms together. Begin by squatting down into a sitting position with your hands on the ball, so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Squat to your desired depth. The ball is positioned so it fits snugly under you.

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Once you can squat down to your desired depth, do not let go of the ball. Keep squatting as long as needed. Don't force the movement or make it too difficult on yourself. Hold the squat position for up to 3–5 seconds. You can hold it for as long as 5–15 seconds. Repeat this five times until you've done five sets of squats. Set your timer on the timer app, or on your phone. Squats should be done with enough form so you can maintain your form for as long as needed to complete the set.